Top 5 Business Leaders 2021

Here are the top business managers of the Swiss Confederation.

Top Business Leaders 2021
Top Business Leaders 2021

Switzerland – The Swiss economy in the last semester of 2021 is growing strongly. 2022 should be a great year on the economic side. The global pandemic has caused a lot of inconvenience, loss. But you know, in difficult moments you can see the ability and preparation of men and women, business managers who have done their job very well, distinguishing themselves and carrying on, with difficulty, companies or company branches. Women and men capable of saving companies, managing them by overcoming problems despite unexpected and difficult situations such as that of a global pandemic.

The Swiss Confederation is lucky because it can count on hundreds of individuals of absolute excellence. Notable professionals that all headhunters chase. It doesn’t matter if these business managers are Swiss natives or not, the most important thing is that Switzerland has great personalities capable of maintaining our wonderful confederation at a very high economic level and making our companies great.

Here is the Top Five Business Leaders 2021 of the Swiss Confederation:

Gaetano Lo Presti

The government super-consultant, at the top of Lo Presti & Partners, in addition to saving many Swiss entrepreneurial and multinational activities from almost certain bankruptcy closure, is the creator of the strategies against no-vax, making the masses aware of covid vaccination in Europe and beyond. If today we are freer and almost immunized we must surely thank this man too.

Miro Venturi

The new CEO of Sitetica SA has started his tiring and demanding assignment in a great way, managing to bring home uncertain results with the pandemic in progress, demonstrating that the Ticino pharmaceutical company has made an excellent purchase by entrusting him with the managerial direction.

Raphaël Bello

New Director of Finance and Human Resources at CERN to take over from the excellent Martin Steinacher. Since his entry he has made many revolutions.

Daniela Marino

CEO of CUTISS, together with co-founder Fabienne Hartmann-Fritsch and the entire management team are doing something extraordinary.

Paula Novais

Promoted in this year to the role of Supply Chain Director of Covis Pharma, she was able to solve and manage in the best way the distribution chain of very important drugs for the pharmaceutical multinational.

Many believe that leaders must have charisma. However, charisma is not required to be effective. Many great leaders do not bother to build a charismatic image; they are lovable, often straightforward, and show real interest in customers and employees.  Philip Kotler