Swiss: Suspected disease reports

More and more cabin crew members fall ill at short notice. The Swiss airline doesn't like it at all. Serious measures in place.

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Air traffic is slowly picking up after the Coronavirus crisis. However, not everything is green in Swiss. A circular email annoyed airline staff, Watson reports. These are “reports of suspected diseases”.

Specifically: the cabin crew is decreasing. The airline then offers staff to buy back vacation days or postpone retirement. Swiss also wants to take a closer look at sick leave. Not good with the staff.

In a letter that Watson has, it says: There are too many short-term absences. “We are still convinced that the vast majority of crew members who get sick are really sick,” writes Swiss. There is an impressive number of absences over the weekend.

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Interview with the group leader
This has consequences: Those who fall ill on short notice now have to report to two offices. Anyone who falls ill after holidays or after the weekend is also threatened with an interview with the team management.

These measures are not well received by Kapers, the cabin crew union. Pressure is not a solution. It’s all about treating the symptoms, ”Sandrine Nikolic-Fuss, president of Kapers, told Watson. The whole thing was a bad decision on the part of the management.

“More departures than expected”
Switzerland itself also admits a certain planning error. “The Swiss have had more departures than expected by the cabin crew,” says a spokesperson. Working conditions for all Swiss employees are known to be “very demanding and demanding” at present.

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