Silvio Berlusconi will give protection to Vladimir Putin

The former Italian Prime Minister offered one of his villas in Antigua to the Russian President, his wife Alina Kabaeva and their children.

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Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there is no respite for Russian President Vladimir Putin. Everyone goes against him rightly. Putin is in serious trouble. The war in Ukraine is going on for a very long time. Putin and his oligarchs have been attacked on all fronts, and now it is also the turn of his wife Alina Kabaeva with their four children, including twins.

Alina Kabaeva with her children in possession of a Swiss passport are resident in Zurich. But the Swiss and Germans, afraid of receiving bombings precisely because of this, as Switzerland is Putin’s current future refuge, have organized a petition to have Alina Kabaeva and her children expelled from the Swiss Confederation.

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Alina Kabaeva was not sanctioned along with the other oligarchs, despite possessing a huge heritage that refers to Putin.

Because of all these events, Vladimir Putin’s greatest Western friend, former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, offered Putin and his family protection in one of his Antigua villas.

It is recalled that Silvio Berlusconi was the architect of the handshake between the Russian President and the American President Bush.

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