No sanctions on Alina Kabaeva, Putin’s secret wife despite a huge salary and villas for the family

After the denunciation of a Navalny collaborator, the name of the Swiss resident also disappeared from the National Media Group website: it is the holding of Putin's propaganda

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A maxi salary estimated at 785 million rubles (9 million Swiss francs) in 2018. And then a series of villas donated to his entire family. Alina Kabaeva, the former gymnast and no longer secret wife of Russian President Vladimir Putin, is nowhere to be found despite her certain residence with her children in Switzerland between Zurich and Lugano (where a petition entitled «reunite Eva Braun with her Führer ») Protected by the Swiss secret services, but ready to take refuge in Antigua, in one of the villas of the former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. The certainty is that she has managed, for now, to escape the sanctions that instead hit the two official daughters of Russian Tsar Putin. How did Alina Kabaeva escape sanctions? Trying to break any kind of link with the Kremlin.

In fact, in the past few hours your name has disappeared from the site of the Nmg (National Media Group), the holding company of friends of Russian President Vladimir Putin of which you are CEO. To make them fill this role, explained the team of investigators linked to Navalny, the group had also fired the grandson of one of them, Yuri Kovalchuk, the president and largest shareholder of Bank Rossiya (and for this reason considered the portfolio of Russian President Putin ). In the past few hours, a post by a Navalny collaborator, Georgy Alburov, had told about the heritage and economic vicissitudes that linked Alina Kabaeva to the Russian president. This was enough to make the company run for cover by dozens of TV channels, radio stations and Russian propaganda newspapers (including Perviy Kanal, Ren-Tv, Izvesia, Which immediately deleted the name and profile of Alina Kabaeva, who was CEO of the holding company.

The role in Russian propaganda
Yes, because even if she is not in front of the cameras, Alina Kabaeva being the CEO of the group is basically the head of propaganda. Also of television channels that in recent days have pointed the finger at Ukraine for the Bucha massacre and instead justified the invasion of Russia. In 2018 alone, for her work at Nmg, Kabaeva received 785 million rubles, i.e. 10 million dollars, 9 million Swiss francs.


The villas to the family of Putin’s lover
Told of Putin’s role in propaganda, Navalny’s group has published the list of villas that are related to the name of Alina Kabaeva. Like the one received in 2015 by Alina’s 86-year-old grandmother, Anna Zatsepilina: a 200 square meter apartment in St. Petersburg worth 120 million rubles from Putin’s friend, Gennady Timchenko. Four days earlier the lover – reports the Navalny investigative group – had bought a 600 square meter apartment on the Arbat in Moscow, worth at least 600 million rubles, from Putin’s childhood friend, Pyots Kolbin. And from Rotenberg’s friend (Vladimir Putin’s judo companion) Grigory Bayevsky, who in the turn of the Russian President has the task of distributing real estate, a villa.

A half-hectare property in the exclusive Rublevka neighborhood with two houses worth millions of dollars. In exchange, he sold his apartment in Sochi to Putin’s nephew, Mikhail Shelomov, through an intermediary. Baevsky also offered Alina’s sister Leysan a 220-square-foot apartment worth $ 1.5 million. Alina Kabaeva’s mother, on the other hand, received a 260-square-meter apartment worth 12 million dollars from a Gazprom entity. The same company, among other things, provided a luxury home to the grandmother of Putin’s unrecognized daughter, Luisa Rozova, Nadezhda Krivonogikh. A home came from Baevsky even to Alisa Kharcheva, a former journalism student who became famous for having signed a sexy calendar for Putin. And it is no coincidence that one of Putin’s two recognized daughters Katerina Tikhonova is a resident of Baevsky’s apartment.

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