LinkedIn, an increasingly less professional and increasingly social portal

The declining portal risks losing reliability.

Decline Linkedin
Decline Linkedin

LinkdIn is a social network created for professionals and for the business world. A portal where you can view curricula, you can advertise your company, highlight your profession, create a professional network, but something is changing.

LinkedIn is becoming more and more social lately. It is not difficult to find posts not related to the working world, but only criticisms of political society, wanting to show off as models and influencers. LinkedIn is also becoming a social network where people discharge their hatred. It is turning into Facebook, the platform of hate.
Unprofessional professionals who publish the post celebrating their 1000, 5000 or 10000 contacts. Those senseless contacts that don’t serve your job, don’t create collaboration, don’t bring customers.

Thus LinkedIn risks losing credibility, reliability. So that LinkedIn is likely to shut down

But is it right that LinkedIn, a professional platform evolves, change in this way?

The web is full of social networks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok. Why then transform it and ruin it? I believe that the admins of the platform should review the rules and change the way to manage it, otherwise in a few years it will be a social network created for professionals, but made up of haters, influncers, and posts with smiling cats.


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