Future Queen Kate Middleton charms with Tom Walker

The communication strategy that goes around the world.

Kate Middlelton Piani
Kate Middleton Piano ft Tom Walker

London – The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Elizabeth Middleton wows the world within with her piano performance, accompanying British star Tom Walker with the song For Those Can’t Be here at the Christmas concert at Westminster Abbey.

Obviously this was a well thought out communication strategy, well done marketing strategy, done with style. A strategy that makes you forget the quarrels of the royal family with Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex and her puppet, Prince Harry.

Kate Middleton’s video is going around the world, so much so that her performance with Tom Walker can also be found on the well-known adult site PornHub.

According to the latest analyzes, the British people would like to see Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton on the throne in place of their father, Prince Charles with Camilla Parker Bowles.


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