Disastrous Jobcentre Plus Bristol! The homeless factory.

Scandal in Bristol, UK. The Jobcentre Plus creates homeless people instead of helping people by ignoring them.

jobcentre plus bristol scandal universal credit

Bristol, UK – Scandal and poor service at Jobcentre Plus Bristol. Bristol, the beautiful city famous in the world for the street artist Banksy, is in dire straits. Many shops close. The city streets are constantly deteriorating. Increase in organized crime, thefts. Rise of Homless. The rise in homless numbers is due to poor service performed by the Jobcentre Plus Bristol. The Office should be of help and support to the people, especially with Universal Credit, which although little, around £350 per month (430 Swiss francs), is a great support for those who haven’t a job, or who work and haven’t received their salary, because this also happens, people work, but the employers don’t pay their wages, but they cannot be sued because the offices that support the employee don’t offer support to individuals, but only to groups of at least five employees .

This is the case of a man who became homeless through Jobcentre Plus Bristol. He had tried to communicate with several notification messages to his job coach Claire from Jobcentre Plus Bristol, asking for help, asking what he could do and some advice, but the Bristol Jobcentre Plus team ignored his messages, ignored his update what is asked of him. The Jobcentre Plus Bristol team reduced the monthly payment of the Universal Credit with a penalty, making the now homeless man credit only £28 (34 Swiss francs) instead of £350. This is not the only case that has happened. Jobcentre Bristol plus keeps making mistakes. Keep ignoring people who need help. The Jobcentre Plus Bristol team who take high wages never mind helping people in need. They just love their wages, a safe wage, a wage that should be deducted at £28 due to their ignorance and superficiality. At least they would see how a poor man was forced to become a homlesse. Thanks Jobcentre Plus Bristol.

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